Gua Sha

Gua sha is an ancient remedy still widely used today and involves scraping (Gua) the skin with a smooth object and body oil

This technique is used to relieve painful tension (blood and Qi stagnation) in muscle tissue and joints. It also promotes blood circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluids.

Tracy performing body Gua Sha on clients back


Often used on neck and shoulders

Tracy performing Facial Gua Sha on clients cheek


Techniques using a lighter touch


5 – 15 minutes  |  $

Recommend 1x per week

Body Uses: Back pain and tension

Facial Uses: Increase lymphatic flow and encourage collagen production

Our Process

Lying either face up or down on the table, the tool is used to gently massage the body part.

Towel provided for disrobing as needed.

After Care

Always a good idea to drink water after treatment.

The treated area should be protected from the elements (wind, sun, showering) for 12-24 hours.