Herbs are used to treat both the symptoms of an illness and the underlying cause of the disharmony or issue(s).

Herbs are typically blended into formulas to enhance their effectiveness and often used for digestive and hormonal issues.

Raw herbs in bowl

Raw Herbs
and Powders

Raw dried herbs and concentrated powders for teas or mixing into warm water

Bowl of supplements and pills

and Pills

These can be vitamins, minerals, herbal or other.

liquid extract drip


These can be vitamins, minerals, herbal or other.


20 – 35 minutes  |  $

May recommend taking these for a week or months depending on the need.

Uses: Herbal formulas are used for Acute symptoms to Chronic issues, see the about page for more info.

Our Process

If you are given raw herbs I will teach you how to make your medicine at home; brewing a tang, herb soup, or thick tea is beneficial when making medicine for yourself.

We may discuss other forms of herbal medicine as prescribed.

After Care

I often ask patients to contact me and let me know how they are doing after taking a remedy.