Moxibustion is a Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of the mugwort, Ai Ye, an herb to warm areas of the body or acupuncture points

It strengthens and invigorates the blood, stimulates the flow of Qi and removes coldness from the body. Moxa is especially useful for digestive issues, muscle pain and trauma healing as well as gynecological issues. Also folks with certain constitutions benefit from its use in treatment.

Indirect Moxa tool


A cigar-like stick is lit and hovered over the body, to create a warming effect.

moxa technique on foot


Small and large dried herb cones are placed on parts of the body for a stronger warming effect.


10 – 30 minutes  |  $$

Recommend 1x per week

Uses: On belly for digestive issues, pain relief, trauma healing, gynecological issues, cold/yang deficient constitution, muscle pain, warms the body and points

Often combined with acupuncture

Our Process

Extra training is needed by the practitioner for direct moxa since this treatment requires more skill and care. The skin is never burned.

You will lay on the table, and may or may not need to disrobe depending on the area treated.

After Care

Because an herb, mugwort, was used you may have that scent with you after treatment.

Drink plenty of water after this treatment.